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Welcome to Edwin & Julia, where we inspire and support you in realizing the growth of your business. We believe in your potential and are ready to guide you on your journey to success. Our passion lies in seeing your business thrive and flourish.

At Edwin & Julia, we are here to elevate your business to new heights. Our expert business coaching and expansion strategies will help you grow and thrive. We believe in your potential and our mission is to support you on your journey to success.

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Your Success Story Begins Here

Do you want to be successful as an entrepreneur?

Then we would love to help you! We share our knowledge with you so that you can go through the growth process more smoothly than we did. The goal of our program is for you to be able to grow the value and revenue of your business after eight weeks. But there’s more! During our own entrepreneurial journey, we made many mistakes and learned valuable lessons from them.

From this, we have developed a Growth Accelerator model that allows you to avoid the same mistakes and grow your business faster. We are happy to share this model with you so that we not only share our knowledge and experience but also use our model to help your business grow. In short, let us be your partner in realizing your entrepreneurial dreams!

Company growth should not be an obstacle

Without the right knowledge of entrepreneurship and a good growth plan, you will remain stuck in…

Do you recognize the following hurdles in your business?

We help entrepreneurs grow in their strategy and approach:

To be independent, have the freedom to do what you want
and more revenue.

Your participation gives you everything you need to grow your business. For a one-time investment of €5,995, you have access to knowledge that makes your business big now and in the future. 

Instead of working IN your business, you should be working ON your business!

With E&J Growth Accelerators' growth plan, you will learn how to make time for growth as an entrepreneur, how to achieve that growth, and how to get your business ready for sale without the business depending on you. So that you don't just keep dreaming of your goals, but see them become reality.

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Every week, a new element of the growth plan that you incorporate on your own time for eight weeks. After a year of consistent application, your business will be sales-ready!

Coaching Calls

Each week a call with your group and Edwin & Julia to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. Eight weeks focused on your growth.

Network contacts

Your coaching group gives you access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurs working on growth. You support each other.

I am Edwin Schaafsma

"Continued learning and self-reflection keeps you sharp in your business. Feedback is the best way to grow yourself and your business! If we stop growing/changing, we can lose our passion and get stuck in a routine. And believe me, there is nothing more mind-numbing than routine. One way to avoid this is self-development. Often we don't know this but unconsciously everyone drives toward self-development. Even if they don't admit it. Self-development is in fact a basic human need and so everyone strives for it, usually unconsciously. You don't notice it yourself!"

I am Julia Kizimenko

"We see many entrepreneurs thinking too long before they actually bring their product or service to market. They do endless market research, spend a lot of time the development before actually selling. In my view, that is a very human behavior of not daring to sell.

And so why do we think market research is nonsense?
In our view, market research is a waste of money! There is simply a big difference in what people say and do. People often give socially desirable answers, or say they would buy it because they want to please you. It only becomes real when they've paid money for it."


Everything we know about business and growth,
we will teach you

Growth Accelerator Program


Discover how to increase the value and revenue of your business in 8 weeks.

Double your business within one year.

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We would love to share our knowledge with you so that you can have a smoother growth process than we did. In our spare time we read lots of books and enjoy attending seminars by successful entrepreneurs and coaches.

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Your success is our driving force!

At Edwin & Julia, we are committed to your success. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship and want to help you grow your business. Together, we create a success story that you can be proud of.