Achieve more with your company and create more time for fun things in life!

As an entrepreneur, you know that running a business takes up a lot of energy and time. But what if we tell you that it is possible to achieve more with your company and at the same time have more time for fun things in life?

Our training program, Growth Accelerators, provides you with the tools and strategies you need to structure and grow your business so that it can run independently of you. This will create more time for yourself and allow you to focus on the things in life that truly matter.

Growth Accelerator Program

In a short period of time, we have created our dream life, become financially independent, and have the ability to rapidly grow businesses in value and revenue. We are 'addicted' to growth and find it incredibly exciting to teach this to other entrepreneurs. We have already helped multiple companies with growth and sales. 

The Growth Accelerators model provides you with the most comprehensive growth plan to increase revenue and grow your business.

On the path to success, we have also made our fair share of mistakes, and how great would it be if you knew what those were and how to avoid them? We are more than happy to share our knowledge with you, so that your growth process goes smoother than ours.

In our free time, we read a lot of books and enjoy attending seminars from successful entrepreneurs and coaches. We have combined our experience with this knowledge into a program where we coach you and share our knowledge through videos, exercises, and personal video conversations.

The goal is to be able to grow the value and revenue of your business after eight weeks.

We never expected this success and we still see the importance of a strong business plan every day. Others noticed this too and we received questions from other entrepreneurs, such as: What is your secret? How did you achieve such sales success in such a short time? And do you want to help us with this?

Initially, we didn't exactly know what to do to grow a business quickly. We learned this by making a lot of mistakes and using those experiences to do better the next time. We didn't study for this because there is no education that teaches you how to make a business sales-ready. We see it as our obligation to bundle and share our experiences so that other entrepreneurs don't have to make the same mistakes that cost us a lot of money. That's why we developed this program, in which you restructure your entire business so that it runs smoothly and you, as an entrepreneur, have more time for things you truly enjoy or you sell your business without having to keep working in it for years to come. So, let's get started on how you can make your business sales-ready.

Growth Accelerator Program

The Growth Accelerator program is a unique, comprehensive solution designed to help your business achieve its full potential. It consists of strategic planning, advanced business intelligence, and performance management.

Our Growth Accelerators program is primarily designed for companies and organizations like yours, who want to expand their operations, improve their performance, and achieve sustainable growth.

The time required to see results can vary depending on several factors, such as the nature of your business, market conditions, and the specific strategies being implemented.

 Our Growth Accelerators program stands out with its holistic approach to business growth. We do not offer generic solutions, but instead thoroughly analyze your business to develop a customized growth plan.

Your business can benefit in many ways from this program. You can expect improved performance, expanded business operations, and potentially higher profitability.

Growth Accelerator model

The E&J Growth Accelerators program is the most comprehensive growth plan to increase revenue and grow your business. In eight lessons, you will learn the skills and knowledge you need to become a successful entrepreneur.

In the "Foundation" module of our entrepreneurship training, you will learn the essential principles of building a successful business. You will learn why it is important to ensure that your business can run without you, so that you have more freedom and flexibility as an entrepreneur. Additionally, we will cover the power of networking as the biggest success factor for growth. With practical tips and tools, we will help you apply these principles to your own business and lay a solid foundation for further growth.

This session is presented by Ton van den Ven, Global networker.

In this module, you will learn how to think from the perspective of the customer and how to better tailor your product or service to their needs. You will receive practical tools to develop and practice your perfect pitch, so that you can effectively convey your message.

During the coaching session with Julia Kizimenko you will receive personal feedback and tips to make your pitch even more powerful. This will help you convince potential customers better and grow your business.

In this session, you will learn how to streamline the steps involved in delivering your product or service and how IT can assist in this process. You will gain insight into how your staff can play a role in this and why it is important to optimize these processes for the growth of your business.

Bart Bosch, entrepreneur, investor, Profit Advisor, and Profit First Professional, will lead this session. He will provide practical tools to optimize the financial processes within your company. He will teach you how to effectively manage the cash flow of your business, the impact it has on a financially healthy and profitable company, and your personal well-being.

This module is the perfect opportunity to improve your sales skills by learning from the master in the field, Peter Heerlien. Learn how to understand the energy of a customer and how to use it to optimize your sales process. In this coaching session, Peter Heerlien will share his years of experience and provide you with practical tips and techniques to enhance your sales. Discover how to think from the customer's perspective and how to align your product or service to meet their needs. After this session, you will be able to effectively increase your sales and grow your business.

This module focuses on partnerships. You will learn why partnerships are a vital part of your business growth and how to establish partnerships. In the coaching session, you will work with Julia to find the right type of partners to further expand your business. 

Additionally, you will gain insight into the different types of partnerships and how they can contribute to expanding your reach and strengthening your brand. You will learn how to approach potential partners and what is important when creating a partnership proposal. During the coaching session, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and work with Julia to determine which partners align best with your company.

Using a database can make the added value of your company tangible and become an important part of your success. But why is a database actually indispensable and how do you properly document it? In this module, you will learn all the ins and outs of using a database, including tips and tricks for maintaining and managing it effectively. The session is guided by Folkert Louwsma, an expert in database management. Learn how you can take your company to the next level through an effective and well-maintained database!

Did you know that your brand is one of the most important parts of your business success? In this module, you will learn how to build your brand step by step without the need to appear on national news. In addition, you will work with Susanne van Boom in the coaching session to learn how to create a perfect corporate video using your mobile phone to enhance your brand. Learn how to create a strong brand identity and leave an indelible impression on your target audience!

This module is all about you, the driving force behind your business. What is your plan and where do you want to go? Edwin Schaafsma shares various strategies to take your business to the next level and stimulate your personal growth as an entrepreneur.


Although we conclude the program after eight weeks, we hope that you have gained valuable contacts that you will keep in touch with even after the program ends. In some cases, it is possible to receive individual coaching from Edwin & Julia or involve them as investors in your company after the online program.

Although we conclude the program after eight weeks, we hope that you have made such valuable connections that you will continue to stay in touch even after the program. In some cases, it is possible to receive individual coaching from Edwin & Julia after the online program or involve them as investors in your company.

Then this program is perfect for you. By watching the videos and participating in the calls with your group, you will discover potential growth goals and even start thinking bigger than you already do!

Yes! Being sale-ready does not mean that you have to sell the business. It simply means that the business can operate without you and that you are no longer the 'heart' of the matter. So you don't have to sell it, but it does continue to operate without you so that you can focus on new projects, businesses, or personal matters.

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Can we help you achieve this success? A resounding yes, and that's why we have this program where we provide entrepreneurs like you with insight on how to make your business sale-ready within a year!

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