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Stralende vrouw : Julia Kizimenko – Serial Entrepreneur – Investor – Growth Accelerator

Julia Kizimenko and her husband Edwin Schaafsma form a golden duo. Together they have founded several companies, support ambitious entrepreneurs in growing their businesses, are specialists in the field of investing, travel the world and have a beautiful son together. How did she manage to create this life and what advice does she have for you? 


At the kitchen table with Toon Kouwen: 'Growing up in a trailer camp has taught me a lot'

Entrepreneurs are often busy day and night with their business. But what drives them? What is their motivation? And what keeps them awake at night? In 'At the kitchen table with...' we talk to them and search for the unique story they have to tell. This week: Toon Kouwen, owner of Kouwen Oud IJzer and an investor in projects and startups.


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