Start your business successfully

How do I become an entrepreneur? By doing it! Stay close to yourself, clarify your situation and take on the challenge. We'll help you get started in ten days.

Yes! We offer our latest training: Start your business successfully in 10 days!

An online training of only ten days that teach you how to get started in an extremely efficient way to the company that:

-From your calling and passion
- Is prepared for the possible challenges
-Has a strong foundation for growth and ambition


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You can purchase the training for €995.-

Maybe you want to start a business that you've been dreaming of for a long time, but you don't know where to start, there are too many things that you feel insecure about.
Maybe you want to start a business to grow it quickly and sell it again because your passion is taking the initiative, but how do you go about that?

Anyway, you want to start a business and this training offers the extra support with all the information and knowledge that is essential to be successful.


A flying start!

The training – Start your business successfully in 10 days! – is made up of the following five effective modules that prepare you well and boost your self-confidence so that you can make that flying start.

  1. Calling

  1. Bears on the road

  1. Cooperation

  1. Finance

  2. Start sellingn

In the first module we will clarify your vocation together because the vocation of the entrepreneur is so essential for the success of the company. If you really believe in what you want to do and offer, that is your motivation and engine. By keeping your calling close to yourself, your company can give you energy and with that you feed your company!

In the second module we will create insight into the bears you see standing in your way, of course it is part of it that you have uncertainties. However, the more prepared you are for the potential problems that may arise, the stronger your position. This way you can turn these problems into challenges.

Collaborating with others can help you, as an entrepreneur you don't have to do everything alone. In fact, we believe that cooperation is very important, for example for the growth of your company. It is very good to know what kind of cooperation you need, what you want from it and for what period. At the start and in the future, what kind of agreements you can make with people, what is sensible? Think carefully about your position and the proportions.

Ondernemerschap is een pad, dat bewandel je stap voor stap. Financieel een stevige bodem creëren gaat dus ook stapsgewijs. Tijdens deze module zoeken we samen je financiële wensen uit en daarmee de route die daar naartoe leidt. Een sterk financieel plan is ‘key’ om houvast en flexibiliteit te bieden aan je bedrijf, wat daar bij komt kijken en waar je aan dient te denken behandelen in deze vierde module.

The last module is called Start selling, here it all comes together of course and perhaps an exciting time begins for you. At the start of your business you will probably not earn that much for a while and what is essential in this phase is the liquidity budget.
We therefore pay ample attention to that and then to how to sell your product or service.
Een duidelijk product van een oprechte ondernemer verkoopt zichzelf, wees daarom oprecht en ben duidelijk over wat de doet of aanbiedt. Dat werkt altijd, hiermee gaan we aan de slag tijdens de laatste module van deze mooie training.


Na deze training start jij misschien de onderneming waar je lekker van kunt gaan leven met blik op de toekomst, met de juiste balans. Of werk je juist toe naar een verkoopbare onderneming binnen een gegeven periode.

Wanneer dat je insteek is raden we je aan om ook aan onze vervolgtraining deel te nemen.
In 'Ready to sell within a year' we help you take the next step in your company. The sooner you apply that knowledge in your company, the more freedom you will experience.

Start your business successfully

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You can purchase the training for €995.-